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We are The Utility Detective, a private underground utility locator service
serving both residential and commercial in all of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas

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The Utility Detective is an underground utility locator. We only use the most sophisticated technology and equipment to provide quick and accurate private utility location services.  The main goal of The Utility Detective is to detect the location of utilities that cannot be seen by the naked eye, so that you can prevent damage to these utilities and the surrounding area.

When Is The Best Time To Contact A Private Utility Location Service Company?

Always contact a private locating service like The Utility Detective before you dig!

We Use Only The Best Equipment Available To Give You The Most Accurate Locate Possible

Electromagnetic Locating (EM Locator)

This is the most common method we use for tracing utility lines and metallic pipes.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

For the undetectable such as: conduit pipe, plastic water or Irrigation pipes, drain fields, Septic and Sewer, or what ever is beneath the surface this is where this machine excels!

Water line locating and Leak detection

With an “audible acoustic locator” we are not limited to only locating water lines without tracer wires we are also capable of pinpointing leaks and there specific locations!

Fault Locating

With a specialized piece of equipment called an “A-frame” we are able to find faults in all types of underground lines such as power/electric for outdoor lighting, pools, sheds, internet, phone and more!

Utility Mapping

Utility mapping is a process which shows the positioning and identification of all buried pipes and cables. When we map your designated area you will receive a google earth image of the area with your utilities mapped over the image with there location and what they are.

Damage Prevention

 Damage Prevention is ensuring we protect our customers’ infrastructures.

Utility Services

Highly-trained technicians in the field outfitted with the latest technology.

Private Utility Locating

Don’t risk damaging the vast majority of privately owned underground utilities.

Unknown Conduit Pipe
Storm Drain
Ground Fault Detection
Water Leak Detection
Water and Sewer Lines
Sprinkler Valves
Telephone Fiber
Power Cables
Gas Lines

Why Choose Us

By Oklahoma law you must locate utilities before starting any type of excavation project.  Before digging, everybody needs to contact their State’s 811 call. Please remember this free service only covers underground public utilities from the street to service meter and this will not cover private utilities.

Safe & Secure

It is our job to keep you safe and protect you from injury.

We have Answers

We are knowledgeable and ready to explain the facts.

Low Cost

Our highly trained crews are fast, efficient and professional.

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